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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Are you doing this mistake while cleaning your ears, one mistake can make you deaf

Ear is one of the most sensitive and important organs of our body. We all know that hearing is impossible without ears and it is very difficult to imagine life without this one organ. Apart from this, even a little carelessness about the ear can badly affect our hearing ability. Therefore, the ear should be taken care of very closely to maintain the hearing ability. Whereas the truth is that most people do not have the right information about ear protection. Therefore, they make such mistakes in cleaning their ears, due to which their ears suffer a lot. Sometimes this damage is so terrible that the person's ear gets completely damaged and he loses his hearing.

Ear cleaning is necessary for ear protection

Ear cleaning plays an important role in protecting the ears. We all know that the wax that accumulates in the ear actually protects our ear. So why do we need to clean our ears? TV9 Bharatvarsh spoke to Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Specialist in ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) regarding ear cleaning. We tried to know from Dr. Kumar about ear cleaning, is it really necessary to clean the ear or is it just a wrong practice. On this question, Dr. Kumar gave very important information. He told that in reality we do not have any need to clean the ears. Dr. Kumar told that the cleaning of the ear should be done at the time when someone has problems related to the ear.

No need to clean the ears unless there is a problem

Dr. Rajesh Kumar told that when someone has pain in the ear, itching in the ear, hearing loss or any other problem, then ear cleaning may be required. Apart from this, a very important thing about ear cleaning is that never cleaning the ear should be done by yourself or any other member in the house. Apart from this, one more special thing that needs to be paid attention to regarding ear cleaning is that ear buds should never be used to clean the ears in the house. They do not clean our ears but yes they definitely harm our ears. That's why it is important to always get the ear cleaned by a doctor.

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