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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

An autowala reached Switzerland for love, the fate of 10th failed man changed like this!

No one knows when and where whose fate will change in the world. 
Especially, what to say when it comes to love? Something similar happened with the autorickshaw driver in Jaipur. He has no idea that one day he will reach Switzerland for love and his luck will change like this. 
So let's know some interesting things about this love story…

Ranjit Singh Raj of Jaipur did not feel like reading and writing much. He left his studies at the age of just 16. Not only this, he could not even pass 10th. He was compelled to start driving an auto-rickshaw for a living. For many years he drove an auto-rickshaw in Jaipur. During this he realized that the drivers here learn many foreign languages ​​to impress the foreign tourists. He also started learning English and opened his own travel agency. Suddenly one day he met a woman from France who had come to visit India. Raj was his guide and he was taking him to Jaipur.

This is how the love story happened

Raj says that she came with a friend of hers. Talks started between the two and gradually the closeness started increasing. In no time both fell in love. After that she went back to France. The two later started talking on Skype. Gradually, both of them realized that there is a deep love between them. Meanwhile, Raj tried to go to France several times, but he did not get the visa. Both also protested in front of the French Embassy, ​​after which they got a visa for three months. It is said that both got married in the year 2014. After a year of marriage, both became parents. After this, he applied for a long visa and had to learn the French language. After this both of them went to live in Geneva. At present, both work in a restaurant and it is being told that both want to open their own restaurant soon.

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