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Monday, May 17, 2021

Who Are Safe From Coronavirus And Who Has Higher Risk Of Covid 19, Doctor Reveals

This second wave of corona virus epidemics is proving to be more contagious across the country. 
Then Dr. K.K 
Agarwal who was honored with Padma Shri award.  recently shared a video. In this clip, he explains which corona infection is more dangerous and which is less common.

Doctor K.K Agarwal said the corona virus does not bother young children. There is no need for 6 year olds to take medication or get tested. Medication can be given if symptoms are found in them. Corona virus does not bother even 12-year-olds.

According to the doctor, the corona virus never enters women who are having periods. It may be that they have a little problem but not much.

People who have a good lifestyle and continue to walk and exercise every day, if the corona virus comes, it will stop for a day and then go away. Such people may use paracetamol if they have a fever.

Who should avoid corona virus?

All those who do not control their CRP (C-reactive protein) are at risk from this virus. This virus is dangerous for those who do not walk even 6 minutes. Apart from this, people with sugar and blood pressure are also at higher risk of corona. According to doctors, those who do not control their blood pressure and do not lose weight as well as do not walk every day can be infected with coronary heart disease.

Corona virus does not live

in the body after 9 days The virus does not live in anyone's body after 9 days or you cannot infect anyone else after this period. Keep windows open at home and apply a face mask.

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