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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Unique Village! Everyone from humans to animals are blind here, know what is the reason behind this?

This world created by nature is quite mysterious. 
Many times the things related to this place surprise people because most people have seen only postures in their lives. But this world created by nature is not as simple as we think. In this episode, today we are going to tell you about a village whose mystery is to be solved like counting stars in the sky.

The village we are talking about is really strange because not only humans but animals are also blind in this village. That's why this village knows the world as the village of the blind. Yes, it must be very strange to hear… but this is absolutely true. Due to blindness, no bird living in this village flies. The situation is similar to the fauna of this village too.

Because of this people became blind

People of Jopotek community usually live in this village. There are a total of 70 Kutcha houses here. There is no window in any house here, because all of them cannot see. Because of which they have no meaning with the light they get from the sun. It is said that a deep secret is hidden behind it.

According to media reports, when children are born in this village, they are perfectly fine, but only after a few days of birth, their eyesight goes out. And they become blind. People living in this village believe that the reason behind their blindness is a cursed tree. They believe that after seeing a tree named Lavuzuela, everyone becomes blind from humans to animals and birds.

For your information, let us know that scientists do not agree with this thing of the villagers. He says that behind the blindness of the people there is no tree, but a dangerous and poisonous fly. Whose bite causes a dangerous germ to enter the body. These germs close the main veins of the eyes after entering the body, which makes humans and animals and birds blind.

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