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Friday, May 28, 2021

This is the world's most prized blood group! Only 43 people worldwide have

You must have read and heard about A, B, O, AB ... negative-positive blood groups, but do you know that there is another blood group that is found in very few people all over the world is. 
Actually the blood group we are talking about. He is considered to be the most rare blood group in the world.

We are talking. The original name of Golden Blood is Rh null. For your information, let us know that due to being the most rare, the scientists doing research have named it Golden Blood. This blood is precious because of being rayrest and can be offered to any blood group.

In such a situation, this is called 'golden blood' among all types of blood. Its biggest feature is that no antigen is found in it. That is to say, if this blood is offered to any blood group, the body accepts it.

According to the US Rare Disease Information Center, since the Golden Blood Group is devoid of antigens, people who have this blood in their body may complain of anemia. This is the reason that as soon as such people are aware, the doctors advise them to pay special attention to the diet and take more and more things containing iron.

For your information, let us know that according to a research, so far it has been found in only 43 people. These include people from Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Ireland and the United States. Due to the rarest and being able to accept the same blood group, the doctors are encouraging these people to donate blood continuously so that this blood can be used for them only when needed.

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