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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

This is the world's most expensive diamond jewelery, you will be shocked to know the price

Saw the auction a lot. 
You must have heard a lot about him. You must have heard or seen that the price of something was given. But did you hear about the auction in Hong Kong where a purple pink diamond has received a face value. Yes, this particular diamond has set a record. It has the highest position in all the auctions so far, which has received a sum of $ 29.3 million.

Now know the name of this diamond too. Its name is The Sakura. It is a Japanese word which means cherry blossom meaning cherry blossom. 'The Sakura' is a 15.8 carat purple pink diamond set. This diamond has been fitted with platinum and gold ring. This information is given by which conducts this sale.

This diamond has been placed in the class of 'fancy vivid'. Considering its color and charm, it has been kept in the category of fancy. However, its color is not bright and cannot be seen from a distance. Its purple pink color can only be seen with the microscope.

What is its specialty

The institute that conducts the sale in Hong Kong has said that 'The Sakura' has been taken by an Asian private buyer on Sunday. Not much information has been provided about the purchase from the institute. 'The Sweet Heart' has also been auctioned along with 'The Sakura'. It is a 4.2 carat fancy ring whose shape is like a heart. The ring has been auctioned for $ 6.6 million. "The auction of the Purple Pink Diamond Ring shows that there is a high demand for gemstones in the market and could continue to be so," Christie Asia-Pacific Department of Jewelery chairman Vicky Seck told CNBC .

Broke all records

A jewelery named The Sakura broke last year's record in which a 14.8 carat purple-pink diamond jewelery was sold for $ 27 million. Its name was The Spirit of the Rose. It was auctioned in Geneva in November last year. It was made by cutting with 27.8 carat diamond. This diamond was extracted from a mine in Yakutia, north-eastern Russia in 2017. It is said about this diamond that it was the largest among the diamonds mined in Russia.

Special connection with russia

'The Spirit of the Rose' was named the cut diamond jewelery behind which is the big story. This diamond jewelery was named after the famous ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinkski of Russia and Poland. After their last dance, the jewelery was named after Nijinski. His stage performance was also called Spirit or the Rose. According to one figure, only 1 percent of diamond jewelery is above 10 carats and also has 4 percent grading.

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