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Friday, May 28, 2021

These two zodiac signs are suffering from shani dhaiya since last year know how to get relief from the trouble

A total of 12 zodiac signs have been told in astrology. 
It is believed that these 12 zodiac signs have to pass through Saturn's half-and-half and dhaiyya. Usually Saturn stays in a zodiac for about two and a half years. In such a situation, it is decided from the position of Saturn that they are in a strong or weak position. If Saturn is in a strong position then its fruits are very beneficial. In such a situation, it does not take long for even a king to become a king.

But if the position of Saturn is weak, then one has to suffer its consequences. According to astrology, when Saturn is in the fourth or eighth house of any zodiac in transit, then it is called Dhaiyya of Shani. During the shadow of Shani, a person has to face physical, mental and financial problems. His works deteriorate as he builds. This is what people commonly call Saturn's wrath.

Shani's bed is running on these two zodiac signs

At present, Saturn's bed is moving on Gemini and Libra zodiac. Dhaiyya on both these zodiacs started on 24 January 2020 last year and will end on 29 April 2022. During Shani's dhaiya or half-century, one should be very alert and try to do as much auspicious work as possible to reduce the sufferings related to Shani.

These are ways to reduce pain

1. Read Shani Chalisa every Saturday or chant the Shani Mantra Om Shan Shanashcharya Namah 108 times.

2. A mustard oil lamp should be lit every Saturday under the Peepal tree. Putting black sesame seeds in this lamp is even better.

3. Hanuman ji is considered to be one of the best friends of Shanidev, hence Hanuman Chalisa should be read on Saturday. It is said that Saturn does not torture Hanuman Baba's worshipers on Saturday.

4. Black dogs should be fed mustard oil roti.

5. A needy person should donate black clothes, black sesame seeds, black lentils etc.

6. On Saturday, Shani Dev should offer mustard oil to any Shani temple. If possible, donate mustard oil to a poor person.

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