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Monday, May 3, 2021

Second Wave Of Coronavirus Is More Dangerous For Pregnant Woman, The Highest Risk In This Month

Health Desk: The
 second wave of Corona has swept across the country. Young children and young people are also flocking. According to the study, the second wave of corona is also affecting women. Covid-19 is more dangerous for pregnant women as it can kill not one but two lives. What if Corona's report in pregnancy is positive? If a woman has become corona positive during pregnancy, what should they do?

What does the study say?
According to a recent study from Oxford University, a pregnant mother and her baby infected with Kovid-19 have an increased risk of complications. Nothing was known about this risk before. However, it is also not the case that Corona will affect every pregnant woman in the same way. The study by Oxford University was very small and needed more in-depth research.

But experts say pregnant women should be more careful during the coronary period. There is no need to take extra tension if there is no problem. With proper diet, rest and exercise, low light cases at home can be cured. Weakening of the immune system in the early stages of pregnancy can lead to some problems. Therefore, pregnant women should go to less hospital for checkup in the last days of pregnancy so as not to be exposed to the virus.

Mild symptoms can be reduced by staying at home with the help of proper diet, rest and exercise. Some problems can occur due to weakened immunity in the advanced stage of pregnancy. So pregnant women should reduce going to the hospital for checkups in the last days of pregnancy. So as to avoid exposure to the virus.

The second wave
of corona The first wave of corona in India did not affect pregnant women much, but the number of people infected with the second wave is increasing from all sides. Women who already have the disease are at increased risk. In many cases the corona affects the baby by reducing the amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus.

Experts say Corona's new strain is having a greater impact on pregnant women. This time the virus is stronger and sometimes it does not even appear in the RT-PCR test. However, the good thing is that there is no difficulty in delivery due to Corona. If the oxygen level is good and the woman has no other disease then there is no risk of any kind.

What to do?
Always remember that there is better protection from treatment and you can avoid this epidemic if you follow the rules of Kovid-19. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Keep taking vitamins and zinc along with a healthy diet and rest. Mild exercise can also be done.

Don't panic if the corona happens and don't even go to the hospital. In most cases, it can be cured by staying at home. Keep consulting a doctor over the phone.

Do not take any medicine yourself, talk to your doctor before taking any medicine or supplement.

Stay isolated in a room and check fever and oxygen level every 6 hours.

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