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Monday, May 3, 2021

Camel's antibodies will cure Covid patients, soon an effective medicine will be made!

A new type of research is going on in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to tackle the corona virus. 
This research is being done on the humpid dromedaries. The scientists there are examining the dead strains of corona virus in camels and are looking at the result of making antibodies. UAE scientists feel that just as the camels are immune to kovid, the clinical trials conducted on them will surely find an effective treatment for the kovid.

Dr. Ulrich Varnary is the head of the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory of the UAE and is also a well-known microbiologist from Dubai. Nowadays, their teams are injecting dead samples of Kovid-19 virus into hump camels. It is being tried to find out whether camels have its antibodies or not. If it is formed then how strongly it will work and what will be its benefit on humans.

Camels have been carriers of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in the past and the virus came into the world before Kovid. Complaints of dangerous respiratory disease, stomach infection, kidney failure and death were received due to Mars. Studies so far have shown that Kovid-19 has no effect on humpbacked camels.

Why camels do not corona

Camels do not have a virus receptor cell that allows a virus to stick to itself. Virus receptor cells are found in humans and other animals that cause corona infection. But this cell is not found in the camel, they are free from corona. Dr. Warnari told ' Alarabia ' that the Marsa virus was found in the camels but they did not get sick from it. The mucosa cell found in the camel's windpipe does not contain the receptor cell of the virus, so that there is no infection of the cavid in the camel.

Who gets the infection

In humans, beaver and cats, there is an infection of kovid. Lions and tigers are also species of cats that may have corona and can spread the infection. Corona infection has also been found in dogs. But scientists say that it is difficult to spread the infection of kovid from animals to humans. It has not yet been known how the corona spread, but the World Health Organization estimates that it has come to humans through bats.

What does research say

Dr. Warnari believes that the research done on camels is going in the right direction and it is hoped that it will give some correct results. It is possible that some big 'weapon' will go hand in treating Kovid. Dr. Warneri said that camels were first immunized with dead Kovid virus so that antibodies could be made in them. Then their blood is being tested so that Kovid can get some effective treatment. Hopefully, camel antibodies will one day open the way to successful treatment for Kovid patients. There are currently 7 types of vaccines in the world for the treatment of corona and about 200 vaccine companies are doing their research on this.

No effective medicine

No such drug has come in the market against Kovid yet to be said that it provides conditional treatment. There are medicines like Favipirar, RemdesiVer or Tacimizulab, but to the extent it is effective, it cannot be said for sure. Even the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is being given in the treatment of corona. But there is no help in reducing the death rate. It is being said about the vaccine that by taking both doses, it does not allow the disease to be fatal.

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