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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Research Reveals: How Men's Sperm Work in Women's Bodies

Getting pregnant is not an easy process for any woman. 
How many things happen at once? It is common knowledge that no woman can get pregnant without a man or a sperm. However, a new study has revealed that in addition to the direct role of pregnancy, sperm also does a great job. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Women's immune response works on the signals received from sperm

The study is published in the journal Nature Research Communication Biology. According to the study, only sperm persuades a woman to become pregnant. Sperm signals reproductive tissues to women which increases the chances of pregnancy. Professor Sarah Robertson, lead author of the study, said this was the first study to show that women's immune responses acted on signals from sperm. And allows the egg to be fertilized. Which leads to pregnancy.

Our study contradicts the current understanding

"Our study of sperm is in stark contrast to our current understanding," said Professor Roberts. Like until now we understood its potential. It does not just contain genetic material. But it also serves to persuade the woman's body to invest its fertility in it. Protein found in sperm regulates a woman's immunity during pregnancy. So that its body can accept the external embryo. However it is not yet clear whether sperm influences this reaction.

Direct effect of sperm influence in female cells

A team of researchers performed experiments on the uterus of rats to understand the global gene. For that he got perfectly fine and some sterilized sperm into the uterus. The experiment showed that more changes in the female gene were caused by perfectly normal sperm. Especially in the case of the immune response. Studies show that sperm from non-sterilized men has stronger immune tolerance in women than in men with sterilization. The researchers found that sperm had a direct effect on women's cells.

The health of sperm also has an effect on pregnancy

The results of a new study show that the health of sperm also affects pregnancy. This is necessary not only for pregnancy, but also for the health of the baby. Habits such as age, diet, weight, alcohol, and smoking affect sperm quality. And because of that pregnancy can be affected by health.

The partner's sperm is also responsible for miscarriage

It is believed that sperm only fertilizes the egg, Professor Robertson said. But in addition to pregnancy, sperm quality also affects the health of women and the unborn child during pregnancy. He said that conditions like miscarriage, preeclampsia and premature birth are due to women's immune response. The partner's sperm is also responsible.

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