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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Mukesh Khanna Quashes Rumors Of His Death Says I Am Fit And Fine

Fans of famous actor Mukesh Khanna, who played Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharat, were shocked when news of his death suddenly started circulating on social media today. However, this news was just a rumor. Some people started sharing the posts of his death on social media, but tell that he is healthy and the news of his death is false.

When Bollywoodlocha spoke to Mukesh Khanna and asked for a reaction on this, he said that he is healthy and he does not know who and why he sparked these rumors.


Mukesh said, ‘Brother, I have come before you to tell that I am very healthy. I have been asked to refute this rumor and I refute it. Along with this, I condemn those who spread such news. This is the problem of social media.

Mukesh further said, ‘I am absolutely fine and what can happen to me when your prayers are with me. Thank you so much for worrying me so much. I am receiving calls from many people. Thanks to you all.’

Posted on Mother’s Day
Recently, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Mukesh shared a big post. He said that children are wishing their mother today and giving them gifts, it is nice to see them, but these are all foreign cultures which are being copied here. After this Mukesh also said that why do we make the mother special on the same day or why the mother is dedicated on the same day. Every day the mother should celebrate.

Mukesh also shared his mother’s photo with this post.


Although Mukesh Khanna is quite popular, but he goes from house to house with the roles of Bhishma Pitamah and Shaktimaan. Mukesh Khanna has been away from films and television for a long time. However, Mukesh became very active on social media after the Mahabharata telecast on Doordarshan again in lockdown last year.

He used to share some updates related to the show on social media. He used to make interesting revelations about each scene.

There was a dispute over the Kapil Sharma show

Mukesh Khanna did not come when the entire team of Mahabharata came on the Kapil Sharma show. Mukesh Khanna’s absence raised many questions. After this, Mukesh shared the video and called Kapil’s show nonsense. He said that he does not like this show and in addition, he gave the tag of Vulgar to the Kapil Sharma show.

Let me tell you that Mukesh was seen in the last film Money Back Guarantee released in 2016 and in TV he was seen in the show Unclaimed.

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