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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How much black rice is beneficial for health, You will be shocked know the history

Rice is extensively cultivated and consumed in India. 
It is an important part of our kitchen and food. Rice is not only delicious but it is also very beneficial for our health. Apart from this, many dishes seem completely incomplete without rice. The real fun of many things like Chole, Rajma, Kadhi comes only with rice. Usually, the rice we eat is white in color. But have you heard of black colored rice? Yes, apart from white rice, black colored rice is also available in our country. However, their consumption is very low or negligible. In the beginning, there were many misconceptions about black rice. Not only this, many people also thought that black rice is very harmful for health. But now many people consume it regularly.

Black rice cultivation started in China.
The history of black rice is associated with China. According to media reports, black rice cultivation started in a small part of China. At that time, black rice was consumed only by the people living in big palaces. However, now even the common man can buy it and eat it. The price of black rice starts at Rs 250 per kg in Indian markets. However, the cultivation of black rice in India is very less and it is not available at all shops. If you want to eat black rice then it can be purchased from online grocery store.

Black rice is rich in anti-oxidants and anthocyanins. At
present, very few people know about black rice. For your information, let us know that black rice is more healthy and beneficial than white rice. Anti-oxidants are found in large amounts in black rice. They clean out the contaminated elements from our body. Apart from this, black rice is also beneficial in many diseases. Apart from this, anthocyanin is also present in them, which plays an important role in protecting them from many terrible diseases related to the heart. Not only this, it also keeps you from heart attack.

Black rice is beneficial in many types of diseases.
Black rice is very helpful in reducing weight because it has much less fat than white rice. The anti-oxidants present in black rice play an important role in keeping the liver healthy. It detoxes the harmful substances present in the liver. The anthocyanin found in black rice regulates blood sugar. 100 grams of black rice contains about 4.5 grams of fiber which helps in maintaining our digestion better. Apart from this, they are also said to be very beneficial for the eyes.

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