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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Health tips: chewing basil leaves is harmful for health, know the right way

Tulsi plant has medicinal properties which helps to keep you away from many diseases. 
We use Tulsi leaves to make the decoction. This keeps our immunity strong. Apart from this, drinking it after putting it in tea relieves the problem of cough, cold, stomach pain etc. The Tulsi plant is considered the most sacred in Hinduism.

Tulsi plant is planted in the house of all of us, which is worshiped. Many people chew and eat basil leaves. Many people chew and eat basil leaves. But perhaps you may not know that chewing basil leaves can be harmful for your health. Let us know what is the harm caused by eating chewed basil leaves and how it can be used.

Chewing basil leaves is harmful for food

Many people chew basil leaves on an empty stomach in the morning. This habit is harmful for your teeth. Actually, basil leaves have high amount of mercury and iron. Apart from this, there is also some amount of arsenic. Both these things can be harmful to our mouth. This makes our teeth worse. Chewing the leaves of Tulsi and eating it keeps both things in the mouth for a long time, which is harmful for health. Therefore, do not chew basil leaves and eat it.

Use like this

Grind the leaves of basil and mix it with water and drink it. Apart from this, if you want, you can also add basil leaves to tea. Consuming it daily can prevent seasonal infections.

You can make a table by adding basil leaves. Apart from this, you can make powder by grinding leaves dry.

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