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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Does frequent ejaculation at work reduce the risk of prostate cancer? know what the new study says

There is an interesting news about prostate cancer. If you ejaculate frequently , your risk of developing prostate cancer may be reduced. How often? A Harvard Medical School study says there are 21 true sources a month. The Australian study points out seven times a week. But the study says this only works for people 50 and older.

What research says

You have to do a lot to eliminate the risk of cancer. So learn something new that can eliminate the risk of cancer. Research has not yet clarified that frequent ejaculation protects against prostate cancer. There is a theory that ejaculation causes cancer-causing substances, infections and the prostate gland that causes inflammation.

This theory will be controversial without any conclusive evidence of frequent ejaculation. And finding any reliable sources is complicated. The biggest controversy in this study is the age at which ejaculation occurs.

According to a 2008 study, men who are very sexually active between the ages of 20-30 are at risk of developing prostate cancer. The study also found no evidence that masturbation posed a greater risk than sex. Howard does not support the 2008 study. It found that there was no risk of age-related prostate cancer. However it was also stated that the benefit increases as a person ages. According to an Australian study, the risk of posterior cancer can be reduced with continued ejaculation during adolescence. This therapy provides no protection against advanced and aggressive prostate cancer. More studies are needed to better understand the relationship between prostate cancer and ejaculation.

How much of your risk is reduced.

In a study by 18-year-old Howard, about 30,000 experts believe that men who ejaculate 21 times a month have a 20% lower risk of postnatal cancer. A similar Australian study found that men ejaculated seven times a week, reducing their risk by 36%.

Are you at risk for prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is another common cancer that occurs in men. Skin care cancers are the most common. One in seven men in the United States is diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Who is at higher risk of postnatal cancer?

  • Men over the age of 50 have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • Prostate cancer is more common in men in the United States and Africa.
  • If your relative has a history of posterior cancer, you are at higher risk.
  • Obesity increases the risk of advanced postnatal cancer.
  • Too much animal and dairy fat, low fiber, fruits and vegetables increase the risk.
  • Men who are not physically active have a higher risk
  • Men who are taller also have a higher risk of developing breast cancer.
  • U.S. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, exposure to Agent Orange increases the risk of prostate cancer.
  • You may also have an increased risk if you have had sex with 30 or more women or if you have a sexually transmitted disease. This may be due to your sexual habits. It can also happen that you have a strong sex drive due to high levels of male hormones which can be a risk factor.

Risk mitigation measures

The causes of prostate cancer are not known. But there is a reliable source of evidence that a healthy diet and lifestyle provide little protection. Includes steps you can take

  • Reduce intake of red meat, animal fat and dairy fat
  • Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • In men who have prostate cancer, taking aspirin regularly can slow the progression of the disease

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