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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Covid pneumonia is spreading in the new strain of Corona, know about its danger and symptoms

Symptoms of pneumonia are also seen in many people in the new strain of Corona. In many cases, kovid and pneumonia are also causing respiratory failure. Nimonia is an infection of the langs. Nimonia is an infection of the langs. Pneumonia is caused by viruses, bacteria and fungal. Pneumonia can also be a symptom of covid as we know as covid pneumonia. Let us know what is Kovid pneumonia and the symptoms associated with it.

Difference between Covid pneumonia and Common pneumonia By the way, the symptoms of covid pneumoniae are similar to those of normal pneumonia. Therefore, it is difficult to identify them easily. Those who have covid pneumonia have an infection in both the lumps whereas most of the infection in pneumonia is in one lung. At the same time, through the CT-scan and X-ray, the doctor can identify the covid pneumonia.

Why is pneumonia happening in the new covered strain? 

SARS-Cove-2 infection begins when the respiratory droplets that are mixed with the virus enter your upper respiratory tract. As the virus multiplies, the infection spreads to the lungs. When this happens, there is pneumonia in the person's body. The oxygen that you fill in to breathe goes through the alveoli. The corona damages the alveoli when a cavid infection occurs. As the immune system fights the virus, dead cells and fluid begin to form in the lungs. This causes difficulty in breathing.

How is covid pneumonia treated? Due to COVID 19, its effect is seen most in the lungs. Lame damages are being caused by Kovid. You may have trouble breathing later due to lame damage. If you have severe symptoms of pneumonia, it can be harmful to your lungs. Even after recovering from this, the effect on the lungs is seen. Some people also get bacterial infection in pneumonia. To avoid this, doctors may give you antibiotics, while those who have severe symptoms may need to be admitted to the ICU. People who have covid pneumonia are given oxygen therapy, this eliminates trouble breathing and symptoms begin to subside.

These people should be more vigilant 

1. People who are older or over 65 may be more likely to have a coveted pneumonia. 

2. Medical staff will also be more likely to have covid pneumonia. 

3. People who suffer from lung diseases may have coveted pneumonia. 

4. Patients with asthma or hort diseases will be more likely to have covid pneumonia. 

5. Patients with liver diseases or diabetes may also have coveted pneumonia. 

6. A person with obesity or a weak immunity is the most susceptible to covid pneumonia. 

7. A cancer patient or a person suffering from HIV can also have covid pneumonia.

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