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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Corona patients are getting one more fatal disease, these patients also get caution, know what are the symptoms

The second wave of Corona virus has raised concerns. 
People are suffering from mucorrhoea due to corona. Several cases are coming up in Gujarat and Delhi. People are getting sick with mucorrhoea after J. corona.

Several cases of dangerous fungal infections are coming up

Dr. Sir Gangaram Hospital Senior ENT Surgeon. "We are coming up with a number of cases of dangerous fungal infections due to Covid 19," said Manish Munjal. In the last two days alone, 6 cases of mucorrhosis have been reported. Even last year, many people died from this. Some people's eyesight was gone. So some people had runny nose and jaw bones.

It also claimed the lives of some people

Mucormycosis is such a serious disease that it requires direct ICU. A patient who has been cured of a corona can die if the disease spreads and if not treated in time. Several people were infected with the disease in the first wave of corona last year. It also claimed the lives of some people. So some people lost their eyesight. Let us know what is mycorrhiza and what is the danger of it.

Mucormyces is a type of fungal infection

Mucorrhiza is a type of fungal infection. Which spreads very quickly throughout the body. It is also called black fungus. Mucorrheal infections spread to the brain, lungs and then the skin. The disease has caused many to lose their eyesight. So some people's jaw and nose bones are swallowed. If not controlled in time, the patient dies.

Such symptoms as swelling in the mouth, pain in the eyes in patients

Brain mucomyosis is characterized by severe symptoms such as swelling of the mouth, headache, sinus problems, and black spots on the upper part of the nose. Fever comes along as well. Having mucormyces in the lungs causes coughing, chest pain and difficulty breathing. Simultaneously, infections on the skin cause fungus or ulcers. Infected areas may darken. Some patients may experience problems such as eye pain, dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting or bloating.

A weakened immune system can cause epilepsy

Mucorrhizae is a disease that usually affects people with very low immunity. The immune system of patients who have recovered during or after corona is very weak. Decreased immunity leads to the onset of mucorrhoea. Patients with diabetes, especially those with coronary heart disease, can have severe myocardial infarction when their blood sugar levels rise.

Diseases such as diabetes, kidney, heart attack or cancer increase

Dr Ajay Swarup, chairman of the ENT department at Sir Gangaram Hospital, says cases of excessive steroid use in the treatment of Covid 19 are also on the rise. There are more cases of black fungus in patients with coronary artery disease. He says more cases of mucorrhoea infection are found in patients who have recovered from covid 19. But Emma is more prone to diseases like diabetes, kidney, heart attack or cancer.

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