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Friday, May 21, 2021

Corona is extremely deadly for patients with high blood pressure, these 6 things can give relief in a pandemic

Corona virus is proving to be extremely dangerous for patients with high blood pressure. 
This is also why high blood pressure is already considered a dangerous disease in the country, which can increase the risk not only to the heart but also to the kidneys and brain. Hypertension can always be caused by stress, anxiety, unhealthy diet or hereditary causes.

In the second wave of the deadly virus we have seen many cases where patients have died after having a heart attack. In many cases this has happened to patients who have recovered. Experts believe that such a problem is now appearing when the heart muscles become weak.

According to doctors, the risk of dying from the disease can be reduced to many levels if special attention is paid to hypertensive patients who are exposed to the deadly virus. Corona virus recovery period of 5 to 10 days is extremely severe. Blood pressure needs to be controlled during this time.

Diet plan- Health experts say that patients with high blood pressure in the corona should take care of their diet type. In which potassium rich fruits and vegetables should be consumed. Eating things like oranges, bananas, spinach and broccoli will be beneficial for these people.

Sodium- Patients with hypertension should reduce the amount of salt in their meals, such people should avoid things like packaged food or canned soup. Excess sodium works to increase the pressure of BP.

Sleep - A person's sleep has a direct effect on his health. 8 hours of complete sleep is excellent for controlling blood pressure in a man. Doctors say that a person who sleeps less than six hours or less can get this disease. It is important to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

Health checkups and genetic tests - If anyone in the family has had the disease before, it can also lead to hereditary causes of hypertension. Genetic tests can better understand your overall condition, as the disease can affect our eyes, kidneys and heart.

A full body checkup can tell you how to manage a good and healthy lifestyle and illness. Apart from this, in some cases, some people should even monitor BP regularly. So that it can be prevented before the risk of potential diseases increases.

Steroids - Patients with high blood pressure in the corona are given steroids on the advice of a doctor if their health worsens. However such drugs or steroids should not be forgotten by patients with hypertension in the early recovery cycle. Which has less benefit and more probability of loss.

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