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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Can this ayurvedic medicine really increase the oxygen level immediately? Know the fact

Complaints of a lack of oxygen in the second wave are being compared to the first wave of the corona virus. 
Hundreds of patients are losing their lives every day due to low oxygen saturation levels in Corona patients. In this condition people use home remedies to maintain oxygen level. You may have noticed that many types of posts related to the treatment of corona are going viral on social media.

One such post is going viral right now claiming that ayurvedic medicine trilokya chintamani rasa can bring the oxygen level in immediate balance. The government has announced the drug when people started sharing it on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing the post of Trilokya Chintamani Ras, the AYUSH Ministry wrote that a post is being shared on social media, which mentions the name of the medicine to alleviate the lack of oxygen and claims to increase the saturation level immediately. This claim has been made by an unknown source. The Ministry of AYUSH does not endorse any advertisement published by such an unverified source. Please do not use the drug yourself in such a serious situation. Only take medicine after consulting a doctor.

It may be mentioned that a medicine has also been prepared by the Ministry of AYUSH. Ayurvedic medicine AYUSH 64 is useful for patients with mild and general symptoms of corona. This is a tablet form drug.

Sharad Kulkarni, an Ayurvedic doctor at Jivottama Ayurveda Kendra Bangalore, says that this medicine should not be taken like over-the-counter medicine, which should be bought without a doctor's prescription. This medicine should be taken only under the supervision of an Ayurveda doctor, otherwise it may prove harmful. If you are having any therapy after Corona, this medicine can work as a supportive therapy with it. But we cannot claim that this drug improves the corona or increases the oxygen level in the body.

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