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Monday, May 24, 2021

Black fungus can also spread from the mouth danger, need these precautions otherwise you will be big trouble

Amidst the growing outbreak of corona in the country, black fungus has also started wreaking havoc. Mucormycosis i.e. Black Fungus is spreading very fast in different parts of the country. 
In general, covidarians who have been given more steroids, who have been hospitalized for a long time, who are on oxygen support through an oxygen mask or ventilator, are at higher risk of developing black fungus due to poor hygiene or other ailments such as diabetes. This black fungus can be fatal if not treated properly and in a timely manner.

Immune system

According to experts, this is easily spread among people who are already battling an illness and have a weakened immune system. In addition, covid drugs can increase sugar levels in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients, which is thought to be a major cause of fungus growth. The risk of this black fungus can be reduced by following some home remedies. According to dentists, there are some dental hygiene rules that can be followed to reduce the risk of black fungus as well as many other viruses and fungal infections.


According to the Ministry of Health, the risk of black fungus is seen in many other people besides patients recovering from corona. The risk of black fungus is greatly increased in cases such as uncontrolled diabetes, poor immunity due to steroids, prolonged ICU or hospitalization, battling any other illness, or variconazole therapy.

Stale food

According to experts, black fungus can be everywhere. Black fungus can spread from anywhere on the ground, environment, trees and stale food and air conditioner drip pans. A person can become a victim of fungal and viral infections by coming in contact with infected now or infected particles spread in it. Black fungus can also be spread by injury to the skin.

Brush several times

According to experts, the use of steroids and other drugs after recovering from covid increases the ability of bacteria and fungi to grow in the mouth. It can also cause sinus, lung and brain problems. Brush two to three times a day. In addition, the risk of black fungus can be avoided by rinsing with warm water or paying attention to oral hygiene using antifungal mouth spray.

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