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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Big News: Kangana Ranaut's Twitter Account Suspended Forever

Kangana Ranaut Twitter Account Suspended:
Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is very active on social media. She does not hold back from giving her opinion on every issue. Because of which they get a lot of weight. Now Kangana's Twitter account has been suspended. It has been suspended not for a week but forever. A Twitter spokesperson has informed about Kangana's account being suspended forever.

He said that Kangana Ranaut's account has been suspended forever because he has repeatedly violated the rules of Twitter. Recently, Mamta Banerjee's government has been formed in West Bengal. After which Kangana has been tweeting many against TMC. Because of which their account has been suspended.

Kangna tweeted this morning accusing TMC of gangrape. Only after which his account has been suspended. Kangana had said in the tweet that TMC goons have gang-raped a BJP worker. Not only this, he said that Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency 39 times. At the same time, he said that the international media India does not care what you think, it does not understand the language of Gawar blood thirsty nation love Modi ji, he should be punished.

Kangana shared the statement

After suspending the Twitter account, Kangana Ranaut has shared a statement and heard the tweet on Twitter. He said- Twitter has justified my point that he is an American by birth. A white person has the right to enslave a brown person, they want you to do what they say. I have many social media platforms using which I can raise my voice. Also, I have my art in the form of cinema. But my heart goes out to the people of this country who were persecuted for thousands of years and kept as slaves. There is no end to this misery.

After Kangana's Twitter account is suspended, her fans are very sad. He is expressing his anger on social media. At the same time, some people are very happy with the suspension of Kangana's account. Let me tell you first, Kangana's sister Rangoli's account has been suspended.

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