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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Triple-mutant in India: Triple-mutants of coronavirus identified in India

in India Corona virusThe outbreak of is increasing rapidly. The double mutants of corona strain B.1.167 are believed to be responsible for the second wave of corona

Now the news is that third mutants have been identified in B.1.167 in the country. It is being told that the third mutant has knocked out due to non-genome sequencing of double mutants.

The double mutants E484Q and L425R were located in the spike proteins of the virus, which bind it to receptor cells in the body. To prevent these destructive forms of corona, genes had to be monitored at large levels, but this did not happen.

The practice of already slow-moving genome sequencing slowed down between November and January due to lack of funding, absence of clear instructions.

As a result of this, now, a third mutant has been identified in B.1.167 and experts are expecting that concrete steps should be taken without delay to prevent its spread.

What is genome sequencing 

Genome sequencing is done to gather information about any virus. This is one way to detect the virus's bio-data. In this, it is found out what the virus looks like. The method of detecting viruses is called genome sequencing.

Such information is important not only in designing control measures, but also in the development of drugs and vaccines. In fact, a sequence of genes from China, the United States and a few other countries has been able to develop a vaccine in record time.

The government established the Indian SARS-CoV2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) in January this year to speed up genome sequencing through a network of 10 laboratories.

According to the report of Indian Express, Several sources have told The Indian Express that the Ministry of Health had reported the possibility of developing another mutant 'triple-mutant' from this double mutant only last week and three different varieties have been detected.

Two of the triple-mutant varieties have new mutations in spike proteins and have been found in samples collected from Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. The third version of strain involves mutations outside the spike protein. But it is still considered important and has been seen again in 17 specimens in Maharashtra, Delhi and West Bengal.

According to one source, West Bengal is becoming the center of attraction for such mutations. New triple mutants may make the virus even more capable of developing the human immune response. This requires a lot of sequencing of many samples.

Sources also say that we do not know which version is contributing to the second wave. We have no way. It can be B.1.617 or B.1.1.7 or both. This is why genomic sequencing is so important.

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