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Monday, April 12, 2021

'Special Gold Paan' is being sold in Delhi for 600 rupees, know how to prepare this paan

Paan has great importance in the history of Indian civilization and culture. 
Pan is also mentioned in the Vedas. There are different names for paan in all the languages ​​of India. It also means that paan is present in some form or the other in all civilizations and cultures. For example, in Sanskrit, Paan is called Tambool. It is called Nagvel in Marathi, Pakku in Telugu, Vettilai in Tamil and Malayalam and Nagurvel in Gujarati.

Paan is also important in Hinduism. In this puja, sindoor, naivedya, incense and lamp along with betel leaves are also used. Betel leaves are offered to God. Paan is not only the most potent and chemical-free mouth freshener, but it is also endowed with all its medicinal properties.

In this way, paan has been traditionally prepared in the same way. But with time a fusion comes in every tradition, the same has happened with paan. Now not just lime, catechu paan, but you can get tasting tens of different types of paan.

Paan has such a fire that, like the historical places, some paan shops in the country are famous. These shops sell a variety of traditional and modern flavors. Today we are going to tell you about one such unique paan shop and its unique paan flavor.

There is a famous paan shop in Delhi's Connaught Place, named Yamu's Panchayat. This shop is known for more than a hundred different flavored pans. But its most important thing is its pure gold paan. You were shocked, no. Yes, pure gold drink.

Let's know everything about this paan…

Rafaelo Gold Pan

This paan shop recently shared a video on social media from his Instagram account. In this video, the process of making a special kind of pan is being told. The name of this paan is - raffaelo gold paan, which is made of pure gold. The price of this paan is 600 rupees. The price of this pan can also vary according to the customization.

  • Paan ingredients
  • Sweet sauce
  • Gulkand,
  • Dates,
  • Cardamom,
  • Desi Coconut
  • Betel
  • Gold work
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate

This paan is definitely a bit expensive, but its taste is absolutely infrequent. Those who are fond of taste must definitely taste and watch this paan once. The most famous paan flavors sold at this shop are Swiss Chocolate Paan, Fire Paan and Kitkat Paan.

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