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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Some painkillers like Ibuprofen may cause severe corona symptoms: ICMR

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has said that some analgesics, such as Ibuprofen, which are considered dangerous to heart patients, can also worsen coronary symptoms and cause kidney damage. The risk of this can increase. 
The ICMR has suggested that paracetamol should be taken when needed during illness rather than taking 'non-steroidal anti-inflammatory' medicines.

Making a list of frequently asked questions about high blood pressure, diabetes and heart patients, the ICMR said that there is no evidence that the two medicines given to ease blood pressure problems increase the likelihood of corona severity. Huh. On the question 'Are heart, diabetes or high blood pressure patients at greater risk of corona infection?', The ICMR said, "No, people with high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease are infected more than anyone else There is not much risk of it happening. "

Diabetes patients need more care

The ICMR stated that some people with diabetes or high blood pressure and a weak heart may have more severe symptoms and need additional care, but there is no evidence that these patients are at greater risk of becoming infected with corona. At the same time, on the question that 'Are diabetes patients more at risk of corona infection?', ICMR said that generally patients who have more diabetes problems are more at risk of all types of infections.

What should diabetes patients do when they are infected with corona

The ICMR said that people with diabetes are not at much risk of getting infected, but once infected there is a risk of more serious consequences of the disease, so keep eating properly and do the right exercises as far as possible. . Take care of your medicines and keep sugar level checked frequently, so that diabetes remains under control. With this, stay away from smoking and alcohol consumption.

He said that coronavirus patients have mild symptoms of respiratory infections like fever, sore throat, cough etc. and they are completely cured, but if they include diabetes, high blood pressure heart patients also There is a risk of them getting more serious disease, so such patients need more care. Maintain hand hygiene and wear masks.

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