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Friday, April 23, 2021

Shri Mahakal Rasoi Providing Food For Corona Patients And Family For Free

The difficult period of the Corona era is going on. 
Even though social distancing is necessary to deal with this epidemic, the courage for the fight will only be found when we put forth our hands to help each other. Some similar work is being done by doing 'Shri Mahakal rasoi' in Babarpur in North East Delhi.

Whenever there is a problem of eating food in the house of Corona, the people of this organization are sending free food to them. Ashok Sharma Bunty, who started 'Shri Mahakal Rassoi', says that for the last 5 days, he has been delivering food from door to door to the Kovid-infected people, so that they do not face any problem. According to Bunty, 10-15 people are associated with him and are helping all the people in every possible way.

Last year, food was distributed to the needy for 51 days.

Ashok Sharma Bunty, the head of 'Shri Mahakal Kitchen', explains that his group brings kandras in the name of 'Shri Mahakal' every year. Last year, when the first wave of Corona came, he also helped people. Referring to last year, Bunty said that for 51 days, he had gone to different places and given packets of food to the needy. At that time, these people were sending food packets to 700-800 people on an average.

This year, corona infected people are helping

Last year, food was for all the needy. But this time Bunty thought why not help the corona infected people. Bunty told that they have been doing this work for the last one week. Where is the arrangement of money etc. for food? When asked, Bunty said that he has not taken help from any other institution or government at the moment. Bunty told that Gopal Rai, the minister of Delhi Government, had praised his work and also offered to help.

You can ask for help by contacting number

While giving his number 9560145095, Bunty said that the infected people, or any person of his family, can call this number and get food. At present, this facility is being given in North East Delhi. Bunty told that a corona report and live location has to be sent on the phone. These people send two meals (afternoon and night) together for messages when they come for help.

Not the confectioner, the people of the organization make the food themselves, the rotis come from home

Bunty told that he has not kept any confectioner to prepare food to be delivered to the house of the infected people. Rather, they make food together by themselves. Roti are made from the homes of 10-15 people associated with the organization. These people themselves bring food to the homes of infected people.

'More trouble in the houses where women are infected'

Bunty told that the houses where women of Corona have been infected are facing more problems. In such a situation, the rest of the people also bother to eat. The organization also sends food to those people. This means that the number of people who should have food in the family of the infected person will be sent to that number of people.

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