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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Railway Cancel 40 trains due to corona pandemic full list is here

The government has taken several strict steps as a precaution throughout the country, due to the uncontrolled pace of Corona Infection. 
Even after all the efforts including the night curfew, lockdown, the pace of infection is becoming uncontrollable. Now the railway administration has decided to stop the movement of trains. A decision has been taken by the Railways to cancel about 40 trains (40 Trains Cancel).

Last year, the movement of most trones was stopped due to Corona Infection. Trains started running again in the month of January-February, once again such a decision has been taken as security. The effort of the railway behind this is that people do not come out of their homes and stay safe.

Railways canceled 40 trains

After this strict decision of the railway, now passengers will have to travel by buses only. That is why the difficulty can increase even more. When there are no trains for the journey, then more and more crowds will be seen at the bus stations. According to the Corona Protocol, only fifty percent people are allowed to travel in buses. But still the rules are being ignored.

Railways has now canceled about 40 trains. This information has been given by General Manager and Chief Public Relations Officer of North-West Railway, Shashi Kiran, who said that some trains were closed from last night and some will be closed from Wednesday night. These trains have been canceled till further orders.

See list of canceled trains-

Jaipur-Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Jaipur When Decker - Canceled April 26
Bathinda-Lalgarh Special - Canceled April 29
Jodhpur Bathinda - Canceled April 26
Jaisalmer-Lalgarh - Canceled April 26
Lalgarh-Jaisalmer - Canceled April 26
Lalgarh-Abohar- April 26 canceled
Abohar-Jaipur -26 canceled April
Bhiwani Mathura Special -26 canceled April
Rewari-Ganganagar Special -26 canceled April
Ganganagar-Bathinda Special -26 canceled April
Ganganagar-Bathinda Special -26 canceled April
Jaisalmer, Jaipur Special -
Phulera-Rewari canceled from 26 April - Canceled from 26 April
Rewari - Sikar Special - Canceled from 26 April
Jaipur - Marwar - Jaipur Special - Canceled from 26 April
Jaipur - Bayana - Canceled from 26 April
Jaipur-Bhopal - Canceled April 26
Bhopal-Jodhpur Special - Canceled From Today
Sikar-Rewari Special - Canceled From Today
Sikar-Loharu Special-Canceled From Today
-Loharu-Sikar Special-Canceled From Today

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