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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Know why it is important to wear a mask even inside the house…

National Task Force (NTF) head doctor VK Paul, created with Kovid-19, says that the time has come when people in the country will have to wear masks indoors as well. 
He said that if the chain of infection is to be broken, then you have to wear a mask inside the house. On Monday, 352,991 new cases came in India and 2812 people died. Amidst all this, the number of active cases in the country has reached 2,813,658.

Why it is important to wear a mask at home

If a person sneezes then Kovid-19 can infect another person with the droplets released from their sneeze. These particles spread the infection through the air.

When anyone sneezes, coughs, talks, shouts then there are more chances of infection. The droplets released through them reach inside the body on the mouth or breathing of the people living nearby and in such a situation, the virus can infect your body.

According to Dr. Paul, there are many people in the population in whom the symptoms of the virus are not seen at all. These people without symptoms are the most dangerous.

Dr. Paul has emphasized that if symptomatic people talk, they spread the infection. In such a situation, the whole family becomes positive in this wave. Even if he stays indoors, he can become infected.

Why did the need arise in the second wave

In the second wave, large population of India is in danger and serious symptoms are seen. These include shortness of breath and need to be admitted to hospital after several more severe symptoms. The entire health infrastructure has collapsed due to the increasing demand for oxygen. According to health experts, the mask protects not only the wearer but also other people from Kovid-19. In such a situation, it is not only necessary to break the chain of infection, but also to save those people who are most at risk.

Especially those who are elderly and who are living with sick people, they can be protected. If no one member of the family has symptoms, then wearing a mask will enable others to stay safe. Also, wearing masks indoors will prevent infection from inside the houses. According to experts, the main cause of the second wave is the infection inside the house.

Advice was also given in America

If you believe the data from the Health Department of North Carolina, if there is a distance of 6 feet between two people and they are wearing a mask, then the risk of transmission is negligible. According to statistics, when two people are wearing masks, the risk is 1.5 percent less. When only an infected person is wearing a mask and the uninfected person is not wearing a mask, the risk is more than 5%.

If the infected person has not worn a mask but the uninfected person has worn a mask, the risk increases by up to 30 percent and when someone does not wear a mask, the risk of becoming infected with the corona increases by 90 percent.

CDC also considered important

The US Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) was also advised to wear masks indoors. The CDC said that apart from being 6 feet away, the mask is also very important inside the house. The CDC had said that older people should especially wear masks inside the house. In this way, the risk of getting infected is very low.

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