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Monday, April 19, 2021

Meet the world's smallest cow… length is just 2 feet… milk is also the best in the world

Kerala is called the land of God on the world. 
In this state, perhaps because of this, miracles are also possible. One of these miracles is the discovery of the world's smallest cow. Guinness is home to Manikyam, the youngest cow included in the record. This village is in Atholi, a village under Kozhikode in Kerala.

Just 2 feet in length at 6 years old

Manikyam is 6 years old and is just 61.5 cm tall. This cow is reared in the house of NV Balakrishnan, a farmer and environmentalist by profession.

Balakrishnan said that this cow was born like other normal cows. But its length did not increase more than two feet.

Balakrishnan brought this cow home five years ago. From then on, he always started understanding the characteristics of Manikyam. Therefore, he brought up Manikyam with a lot of love.

She took special care and now she has become like a member of his house. According to Balakrishnan, Manikyam is a very important and intelligent cow.

Extraordinary animals

Dr. Priya Nair, a Veterinary by profession, gave more detailed information about this cow. He told that he has never seen such a situation till today.

He has described this cow as an extraordinary animal in the world. Akshay Namabukudi, son of NV Balakrishnan said that Manikyam has now become a local celebrity. People always have a craze to take photographs with him.

A cow like Manikyam has never been seen before. Manyakyam was first found in Vechur, Kerala. Vetchur comes under Kottayam.

Then it has also been called Manikyam as a cow of the Vachur species. It is the smallest cow in the world. Milk from Vetchur cow is considered to be of the best quality internationally.

Vetchur cow

The Wechur cow had disappeared from here a few years ago as people started adopting more and more cross-breeding. But many people are surprised at how the suddenly vanished species has reappeared. Behind all this is the contribution of Doctor Sosamma Ipe.

Dr. Sosamma Ipe, who is a professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics, started a Conservation Unit in 1989 along with his team. Due to this unit, not only the Wechur cow but other indigenous species of the vanished animals have also started coming up.

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