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Saturday, April 3, 2021

It is considered auspicious to see these things on Saturday, the blessings of Lord Shani will rain

Saturday is dedicated to Lord Shani. 
In Hinduism, Shani is considered to be the god of justice. It is believed that Shani Dev keeps track of our deeds. That's why people have different kinds of misconceptions about Shani Dev. Many people consider Shanidev to be inauspicious and are responsible for the troubles in life. At the same time, some people have immense grace of Shanidev.

People take various measures to remove Saturn's half-century and Saturn's defects. Astrology also tells about ways to please Shani Dev. But do you know that seeing some things on Saturday morning makes your day auspicious. Let us know what things are considered auspicious without delay.

According to religious beliefs, one should wear black clothes on Saturday. On Saturday, it is auspicious to see a poor person, a black dog, a sweeper, a person who takes lame donations and a black cow.

Poor person

According to astrology, if a poor, beggar comes to your door, it is considered auspicious sign. It is believed that on this day, Shanidev is pleased with his help and his grace remains.


On Saturday morning, if you see any sweeper sweeping. So donate some money and black clothes to that person. By doing this, all your troubles are removed. Also Shani Dev is also happy.

black Dog

According to astrology, if you see a black dog in the morning, then it is auspicious sign. The black dog is also called Shani Dev's vehicle. If you see a black dog, then feed him bread or biscuits. By doing this, Shanideen is pleased. You get freedom from Shani Dosh.

Lame donor

Shani Dev's feet are weak. It is considered auspicious to see a lame person on Saturday morning. So if you see a lame person on this day, then donate it to him. By doing this all your sorrows will go away. Also Shanidev will also be happy.

Black cow

In the scriptures, feeding cow is considered to be the work of religion. It is considered auspicious to see a black cow on Saturday. If you see a black cow, then feed it with ghee bread, Shani Dev is pleased with this.

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