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Friday, April 2, 2021

Invest in this policy of LIC, invest 1302 rupees every month, you will get a return of 28 lakhs

LIC Jeevan Umang Policy: In LIC Jeevan Umang Policy, you can invest up to 1302 rupees every month and get a return of up to 28 lakh rupees. 
The special feature of this policy is that people from the age of 3 months to 55 years can invest in it. In this, if the policy holder dies, his family also gets a lump sum. At the same time, coverage up to 100 years is also available in this policy. In this policy, an investor can invest for 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. In this, returns will continue to be provided with the guarantee, which is 8 percent of the insurance annually. Under the policy, the term rider will get the benefit if the investor dies in an accident or becomes disabled. Apart from this, there is an exemption in income tax under 80C on the premium paid.

This is an endowment plan. In this, along with the life cover, you get a lump sum on maturity. Under this scheme, people from 3 months of age to 55 years can invest. Coverage is available up to 100 years under the scheme. Even if the policy holder dies in the middle of taking the policy, his family and nominee will still get a lump sum.

This way you will get a return of 28 lakh rupees,
if you invest Rs 1302 every month under this policy of LIC, then your annual investment will be Rs 15,298. In such a situation, if you take the policy for 30 years, then the total investment amount will be Rs 4,58,940. After this, from the 31st year, you will get a return of 40 thousand rupees annually. If you take the return till the age of 100 years, then this amount will increase to 28 lakh rupees.

This can be done
after the policy is closed, if the premium is not paid on time even after the grace period, then the policy is closed. You can resume this discontinued policy within 2 years from the date of first paid premium but before the maturity date. Along with this, you will have to pay all the outstanding premium along with interest (as determined by LIC).

On the other hand, if you have paid the premium for at least three consecutive years, then you can discontinue the policy at any time. On surrender of the policy, LIC will pay the surrender value guaranteed by the Guaranteed Surrender Value and the Special Surrender Value.

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