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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Explained: What is pulse oximeter, why is it important in corona era, how does it work and where to buy?

What is Pulse Oximeter and how it works for Covid Patient: Increased cases of corona infection have once again raised concerns. 
Strict restrictions are being put in place by the central and state governments. There are reports of not getting beds in hospitals from many parts of the country. In such a situation, an atmosphere of fear is being created among the people. However, the need is to fight the corona instead of being afraid of the corona. Pulmonary disease expert doctors say that not every patient who gets infected needs to be admitted to the hospital.

Millions of corona patients are in home isolation across the country. They are also getting cured through medicines. Then who needs to be hospitalized? This is the question about which it is important to know. In an interview program of All India Radio, the expert doctor had said that if the corona infection reaches the lungs, then the patient may have trouble breathing. If the oxygen level in their body is low, then the doctor should be informed and the patient should be taken to the hospital or clinic on his advice.

Is the oxygen level correct or not?

Now the question arises from here whether the oxygen level is right or not…. How to know this? The answer is Oximeter… Pulse Oximeter. You will remember last year when Kejriwal government made Pulse Oximeter available to the people amid rising cases of corona in Delhi and decreasing beds in the hospital. So that people keep checking their oxygen level and get admitted in the hospital only when it is low.

This strategy of the Delhi government was proved to be effective and this model was appreciated all over the country. However, we are telling you what is this pulse oximeter… how does it work? Why has it become necessary in the Corona era? Is it necessary to keep it in your house too? If yes, where can it be purchased and used?

What is an oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a small device machine with a digital display. It is also called PPO ie portable pulse oximeter. Like a paper or cloth clip, it is pressed into the patient's finger by pressing it from behind. It has to be turned on before or after being stuck. With the help of this device, the patient's pulse and blood oxygen level are detected. Its reading is shown in the digital display. Through this, corona patients can check their oxygen level for a few hours or at regular intervals.

How does the machine work?

Well-known pulmonary disease expert Dr. Mike Hanson has explained on his YouTube channel how the machine works. Actually, on turning on the pulse oximeter, a light is seen burning inwards. It leaves light on your skin and detects the color and movement of blood cells. Your blood cells, which contain the right amount of oxygen, appear bright red, while the rest looks dark red.

The oximeter device calculates oxygen saturation in percentage and tells the reading in the display only on the basis of the ratio of blood cells and other blood cells ie bright red and dark red blood cells with good oxygen content. If the device is giving 96 percent reading, then it means that only 4 percent of the blood cells do not have oxygen. There is no need to take the patient's blood through this device.

What should be the oxygen level?

According to Dr. Henson, the saturation level of oxygen in the blood of a healthy normal person is between 95 and 100 percent. Oxygen level below 95 percent indicates that there is some kind of problem in his lungs. Now the question is, when will Corona need to be taken to the hospital?

Experts say that if the oxygen level is below 92 per cent, then the person's condition is serious and he should be taken to the hospital. He is likely to need oxygen support. Although this standard is for a normal person. The situation may be different in a patient of any disease than before, for which a doctor's advice should be taken.

Machine does not check Corona!

Oxygen levels in the body may decrease due to several reasons. A low oxygen level does not mean that you have a corona. According to Dr. Hanson, this device does not tell whether someone has a corona or not. This device helps in monitoring of corona patients. From this it can be ascertained whether the patient needs to go to the hospital or not. If the patient is feeling healthy then his oxygen level can be cured.

Keep these things in mind during testing

  • There is no color on the finger of the finger with which the readings are taken.
  • Hands should not be cold and nails should not be long
  • Blood circulation of the patient is not impaired

What was the model of Delhi government?

Last year, the Delhi government made a small change in the rules of Home Isolation amid the fast growing cases of Corona. According to him, patients were sent to Kovid Center when the corona report came positive and they were allowed home isolation after satisfaction there. The Delhi government had made available PPO i.e. portable pulse oximeter to such patients, so that the patients themselves keep checking their oxygen level. When the patient was cured through medicines, he had to return the pulse oximeter.

Importance has increased in the Corona era

It is usually used to monitor patients after surgery. However, patients suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma, esnophilia etc., keep it in their home. Only the data of pulse oximeter suggests that the patient does not need extra oxygen! The importance of this machine has increased in the Corona period. Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has also said that with the help of this, early diagnosis of corona patients can happen, due to which the death rate can be reduced.

Where to buy, how much is the price?

By now you must have understood what is the importance of pulse oximeter! Now let us tell you that its price is not very high. It is available in the range of Rs 400 to Rs 4000. It can be found in medical equipment shops in your nearest drug stores. If you cannot find it, then you have the option to buy online. You can order it from Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Note: If you still have some questions about pulse oximeter, you can mail us. We will talk to the expert and try to answer your questions. Newztezz.online appeals to you to follow the Covid guidelines and stay healthy.

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