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Sunday, April 18, 2021

5 weird things about Pakistan that you will be surprised to know about

We all know that Pakistan is always in discussion about its peculiar feats. 
Whether it is the statement of the leaders here or the actions of the people here. This country is often gritty in the world. Not only this, some such strange rules and laws have also been made in this country, which is surprising to know about. 
Come, we are going to give you some such information about Pakistan, about which you might not know.

1. You will be surprised to know that a citizen of Pakistan is not allowed to go to Israel. Meaning the government of Pakistan does not give visas to its citizens to go to Israel. Because, Pakistan does not consider Israel as a country. Now, just think what is the attitude of Pakistan regarding Israel?

2. Now think about what will be the place in today's time where people will not be allowed to make girlfriends. You must have felt this question strange. But, let us tell you that people are not allowed to make girlfriends in Pakistan. It is a rule that no boy and girl can live together before marriage.

3. You will be surprised to know that children have to pay tax for studying in Pakistan. If the cost of education for a student is two lakh rupees annually, then he has to pay five percent tax.

4. In Pakistan, you cannot touch someone's phone without permission. It is considered illegal. If a person is caught doing this, he could be sentenced to six months in jail.

5. Not only this, it is illegal in Pakistan to translate English, Allah, Masjid, Rasool or Nabi. If someone is caught doing this, then legal action is taken against him.

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