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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Do not to consume these things with milk, it will dangerous your health!

Milk itself is a complete diet. 
Not only children, but milk is very beneficial for people of all ages. Whether women or men, everyone is advised to drink milk. The properties of calcium, iodine, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin D are found in milk. We all know about the benefits of consuming milk, but it is advisable not to consume certain things with milk.

There are many things that are forbidden to be taken with milk. Combination of those things with milk can harm our health. In Ayurveda, consumption of certain things with milk is also prohibited. 

Yogurt is not a 
combination of yogurt and milk, but still some people drink milk and curd by making sorbet or shikanji. Apart from this, some people also eat Chivda by mixing milk and curd. Consuming milk and curd together in this way can harm your body.

Do not take milk with sour things.
Milk should never be taken with sour things. Also, radish is included in any vegetable or salad etc., then milk should not be drunk immediately after that. By doing this, milk can also be toxic and there is a possibility of skin disease. If you want to consume milk, you can drink it after 2 to 3 hours after eating citrus fruits.

Most of you must be aware that milk and fish should never be taken together or back and forth. Since the milk effect is cold and the fish temperature is warm. Therefore it is advisable not to eat fish with milk and curd. By doing this, there is a possibility of gas, allergies and skin diseases.

Lemon bitter gourd and jackfruit should 
never eat lemon, bitter gourd and jackfruit together with milk. If you do this then you will be prone to infection. On doing this, there is a possibility of ringworm, eczema, eczema, itching, psoriasis etc.

Taking milk with these pulses is also harmful
, do not take urad, moong and pulses with milk for good health. She is considered a plaintiff. At the same time, it is advisable not to take sweet potato, potato, oil, jaggery, honey, garlic and acidic substances. If you have to take them, then keep in mind the timing. There should be a gap of at least 2 hours between them. In particular, taking urad dal with milk creates the possibility of heart attack.

There is absolutely no
summer with watermelon and this season is about eating watery fruits so that your body remains hydrated. Watermelon can be eaten at any time of the day. Along with keeping the body hydrated, watermelon has many benefits. In the summer diet, it can be called the most healthy fruit, but taking it with milk will not be less than tying the bell to the throat. According to doctors, people who eat watermelon and milk together can harm their body. The next time you drink milk, do not mix with these things.

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