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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Coronavirus: Not just a mask, take these precautions to avoid corona

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc worldwide. 
The second wave of Corona in the country is spreading rapidly. In such a situation, wearing masks and social distancing is very important. Pay special attention to your diet to avoid this pandemic, because a little carelessness can be harmful for your health. Keep your immunity strong during this time. Include immunity booster food in the diet.

The second wave of Corona is more dangerous than the first. So do not take it lightly at all. Take good care of your family as well as your health. Do not leave the house without need. Coronas spread into each other, so avoid going into any kind of social gathering. We are telling you that to avoid corona, not only masks, also take these precautions.

Take these precautions in addition to applying a mask

1. According to doctors, most of the people are not washing hands, wearing masks and following social distancing. Keep a distance of at least six feet from each other. Apart from this, people who apply masks apply under their noses. Wear masks correctly to avoid corona.

2. Avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth with hands by wearing a mask. Keep a distance of 2 yards from each other. After some time, wash the mask with soap or detergents.

3. Even after applying the mask, wash hands repeatedly with soap. Apart from this, whenever you come home from outside, wash your hands with soap without touching anything.

4. Not a complete lockdown yet. In such a situation, if you go to a public place, do not touch anything. During the bus or train journey, at least put your hands on the breasts. Sanitize the hands.

5. If your health is not good, then do not get out of the house and rest at home. Because the immunity in your body is weak during this time, external virus can easily dominate and infect the body.

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