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Sunday, April 18, 2021

The government of this country banned women for being pregnant! Reason will surprise you

Coronavirus infection has crossed 3 million deaths worldwide. 
Corona virus crisis is increasing in countries like India, Brazil and France and there are problems in Corona vaccination all over the world. The second wave of Corona in Brazil has caused a lot of destruction. In such a situation, the government there has appealed to the women not to become pregnant until the second wave of Corona is over.

Raphael Camara of Primary Health Care of the Brazilian Health Ministry while talking to the media said that this time the new variant of Corona spread is quite dangerous. Especially pregnant women are facing most problems with this variant. In such a situation, women should avoid becoming pregnant at this time.

This decision was taken keeping in mind the safety of citizens

The government says that this is not the right time to confuse women. In such a situation, till the condition becomes normal as before, it should be avoided till pregnancy. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the future of the country and the safety of the citizens.

Medical experts are also supporting him on this statement of the health minister of the country. According to medical experts, the second wave of Kovid is having the most effect on pregnant women. Its effect is quite aggressive. This new variant of the virus is easily catching them. In such a situation, the life of both the woman and the child is in danger. That's why women should avoid pregnancy now.

For your information, let us know that most deaths have occurred in America due to Corona. After this, Brazil comes second. According to a Bloomberg report, so far in Brazil with a population of 214 million, more than one crore 37 lakhs have been found infected. More than three lakh 65 thousand have died.

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