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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Corona Update: Scare reports related to Corona, more than 2300 people will die every day in June

The pace of Coronavirus in the country is steadily increasing. 
Shocking figures are coming out every day. In such a situation, a Lancet Study has increased the fear of corona in people. The report says that the daily death rate of corona infection in India can reach 1,750 on an average. Not only this, it has also been said in the report that by the first week of June, the number of people who die daily from the corona will cross the figure of 2,320.

This report of the Lancet Covid-19 Commission has been prepared by the India Task Force of the Government of India. This report, titled 'Managing India's second Covid-19 wave: Urgent steps', highlights some key points in India. This report also suggests measures that will help reduce the spread of infection.

50 percent of Corona cases coming from only 20 districts 

According to the report, during Corona's First Wave, 50 percent of cases of infection were reported from 40 districts. However, the number of these districts coming up to Corona Second Wave means that at present it has reduced. Now 50 percent corona cases are coming out from only 20 districts and this is a matter of concern. From this, it can be guessed that Corona has spread its foot in every corner of the country.

Corona's second wave is more dangerous

Last year when the epidemic was at peak. During that time 75 per cent cases of Corona were being registered from 60 to 100 districts. Whereas now 75 percent of corona cases are coming from only 20 to 40 districts. It is completely clear from the report that the first wave of Corona was not as dangerous as the second wave is now. Therefore it is very important to be careful. A little carelessness can prove fatal.

Growth rate of corona infection increased sharply

The rate of increase in cases of corona virus infection is much higher in the second wave. This is proved by the fact that at the time of first wave 10 thousand cases of corona infection took 83 days to reach 80 thousand cases daily. Whereas during the months of February to April this year, in just 40 days, the daily cases of infection have crossed the 80 thousand mark.

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