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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Child born with three private parts, now shocking disclosure, very strange case

Often strange incidents happen in the world. 
Many times such incidents also happen, which are difficult to believe. A similar case has emerged from Iraq, where a child has been born with three private parts. This revelation has stirred up. Not only this, the doctors are also surprised about this truth and in the field of medical science are telling this as the first such case. So let's know what is the whole issue?

The incident is from the city of Mosul in Iraq. It is being told that a child who has three private parts has been born here. It is being told that this was revealed at the time when the family members of the child saw swelling in his private. The family reached the doctor with the child. When the doctors checked the child, it was found that two more private ones were coming out of it. A part is present below the scrotum. In medical parlance it is called Triphalia. The doctor has also found in the investigation that there is no urethra in the extra private part. Therefore, it can be removed by operation.

'People are shocked by the matter'

Doctors say that this case is quite rare. Because, the child was not exposed to any medicine in the womb. Not only this, no one in the family has any such problem, due to which there is a genetic problem. It has been said in the report that such a problem occurs in any one of the 50 to 60 lakh children. At the moment, this matter remains a matter of discussion in the whole area and people are also surprised.

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