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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Best Immunity Booster: Green Tea The Most Effective In Increasing Immunity In The Corona Period, Use This Way

Benefits Of Green Tea: When Tea Was Suddenly Discovered In China, At That Time, Who Would Have Thought That These Wild Leaves, Which Used To Become Active By Cattle Grazing, Will One Day Help In Preventing Cancer, Fighting Corona And Achieving Chronic Puberty .

The Use Of Green Tea Is Increasing Day By Day. But If You Use It Like This, Then In Today's Corona Situation It Will Prove To Be A Nectar.


Good Green Tea, Shyama And Rama's 15 Basil Leaves, Ginger, Lemon, Honey Or Sugar Free Tablets, Sugar, Fine Fenugreek Seeds, Giloy Sticks, Ash Gandha, Patthar Chatta Leaves Or Their Powder, Fresh Neem Leaves, Arjun Bark Powder, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper, Raw Turmeric Or Ground Powder, Agate Salt Of Hamdard And Three Fresh Mint Leaves.

You Can Also Plant Many Of These Medicinal Plants In Your Kitchen Garden Or Pot. You Will Find Some Materials In The Market. If All Of These Ingredients Are Not Found, Do Not Worry. Whatever You Get At The Moment, Start With It. Take The Above Material More Or Less According To The Number And Estimate Of Your Members.

Make Like This 

According To Your Requirement And The Number Of Members, One Spoonful Of Fenugreek Seeds, Gilloy Sticks, Ash Gandha, Stone Chhatta Leaves Or Their Powder, Neem Leaves, Arjun Bark Powder, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper, Ginger, Raw One Night Before Soak Turmeric Or Powder In Water.

In The Morning Grind Them In A Grinder And Allow Them To Boil For 15 Minutes By Adding Water To A Pot Or Pan. When The Water Remains Skimpy, Turn Off The Gas And Put Green Tea In It And Cover It And Wait For 5 Minutes.

Squeeze A Fresh Lemon Into The Cup, Add A Teaspoon Of Honey Or Sugar Free Tablet Or Brown Sugar And Add A Pinch Of Agate, As Per Taste And Three Fresh Mint Leaves And Sieve The Tea. Shake The Tea With A Spoon And Keep It Tight For The Whole Day.

Instead Of Considering It As A Decoction Or Medicine, You Can Increase Or Decrease The Content In Tea According To Your Preference. 

In Summer, You Can Drink It Several Times A Day By Adding Ice To Cold Tea.

How Does This Tea Do Its Job?

Fenugreek Controls Your Blood Pressure And Sugar Level. Ginger Provides Energy To The Body In Winter. Lemon Reduces Fats In Addition To The Supply Of Vitamin C. Honey Cleans The Stomach And Keeps The Eye Light Right. Stones Are Never Formed In The Gall Bladder Or Kidney Due To Regular Use Of Rock, Agate And Agate Salt. Besides Providing The Peppermint Scent, Hajma Maintains It, Does Not Allow Indigestion. Giloy, Arjun Bark, Ashwagandha, Cinnamon, Black Pepper Turmeric Increase Your Immunity.

In Summer, You Can Enjoy Cold Tea By Adding Ice To It.

Green Tea Reduces The Chances Of Heart Disease, Reduces Cholesterol And Reduces Weight. It Is Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging, Refreshing, Providing Cancer Fighting Ability. Regular Intake Of Stomach Helps In Digestion. Wrinkles On The Face Do Not Come Quickly. Your Youth Continues. Many Diseases Remain Far Away. Immunity System Becomes Good. The Body's Immunity To Many Diseases Increases. Brain Tissues Can Be Prevented From Dying. Overall, It Is The Best Immunity Booster In Today's Time Ie Corona Era.

Not Only This, If You Mix Aloe Vera In This Tea For The Skin And Make Ice Cubes And Apply It On The Face Daily, Your Skin Will Be Wrinkled And Wrinkled.

Just Start From Today, Take Regular Intake Of It And Stay Forever Young And Infection Free.

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