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Monday, April 12, 2021

5 Year Old Girl Reads 36 Books Nonstop In 105 Minutes Sets World Record

There is a common complaint of every parent of the world that their children are more interested in things like smartphones and gadgets, due to which they are losing their talent, but there are some children who are currently dancing apart from studying. , Singing, sports are also showing tremendous performance in activities. 
Everyone is surprised to know about the work that a girl has done these days. Actually, the girl did such a thing that two world records were recorded in her name.

An Indian-American girl named Kiara Kaur currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. But he earned a lot of different names around the world due to his special skills. Kiara reads 36 books in 105 minutes. Because of which his name has been recorded in London's World Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. One surprising thing is that in the age in which children are engaged in playing and having fun, they have made this unique record.

Kiara is just 5 years old at the moment. He read 36 consecutive books one after the other, in which he took only 105 minutes. According to the Asia Book of Records, no child has read so many books in such a short time so far. Seeing this talent of Kiara, people have started calling her by the name 'Wonder Child'. Kiara's father belongs to Chennai, but she was born in America.

Kiara's parents told that their child is very fond of reading from the beginning. In the beginning, he did not pay attention to it. But when he was admitted to nursery school, a teacher caught sight of him, but by then the corona epidemic had spread, due to which the schools were closed. Even after this, Kiara did not stop and she continued to read books at home. In the last one year, he has read about 200 books. Kiara's parents told that their baby girl wants to grow up and become a doctor.

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