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Monday, March 22, 2021

World Water Day 2021: Know, what are the disadvantages of standing and drinking water, kidney can be spoiled even

New Delhi: Everyone knows what the utility of water is for us. To understand the importance of water and to prevent its misuse, World Water Day is celebrated today on 22 March across the world. It was started in 1992. We have been learning about the importance of water while studying in schools. Today we will talk about the right way to drink water. Everyone knows how important water is to our body. But it has been seen that due to lack of information, we drink water wrongly many times, which has an adverse effect on our body. We have often heard doctors saying that we should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water. Along with this, drinking water on empty stomach in the morning is also given great importance. Sometimes in the absence of time or habitually we stand and drink water. Often this happens while drinking water from bottles, When we stand and open the lid of the water bottle and put the bottle in the mouth. Let us understand why one should not stand and drink water… What difference does it make….

Problems occur in the supply of oxygen

One disadvantage of standing and drinking water is that it does not give you the nutrition you need. By doing this, the supply of oxygen in the food and wind pipes stops. This not only affects our lungs, but also directly affects our heart. Also, standing and drinking water puts pressure on the walls of the lower abdomen. This causes damage to the organs around the stomach. This habit is even more dangerous for men because it increases the risk of hernia.

Standing and drinking water increases stress

Mostly we stand and drink water in a hurry. But do you know that by getting standing, you also have a lot of chances of increasing stress .. According to the researches done in this regard, it is normal to have stress by standing and drinking water. Also, it has a direct effect on the nervous system. Due to which the body has to face stress.

Complaint of joint pain

Many times you have heard the elders say that standing and drinking water can cause pain in your knees. Please tell that this is true of elders. Standing and drinking water also affects the joints of your body. Due to this habit, there is pressure on the knees. Due to which the problem of arthritis can also occur.

Affects on bones

Standing and drinking water also affects the bones of the body. Due to this habit, fast water flows in the body. Often due to this fast flow, water gets deposited in the joints through the body. Due to which joints as well as bones of the body are also affected. Due to weak bones, people also have arthritis.

Kidney effect

The biggest disadvantage of standing and drinking water is to the kidneys of the body. The biggest reason behind this is that by standing and drinking water, the water rises rapidly towards the lower abdomen without being filtered. Due to this, impurities accumulated in water get deposited in the gall bladder. Due to this, there is a lot of effect on the kidney. It is believed that the kidney can fail forever due to such a constant.

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