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Sunday, March 21, 2021

This is the cheapest e-car in the world, one kilometer run for 40 paise, know the speciality

The common man is being harassed by petrol and diesel prices. 
People in Teva are attracted to battery-powered 
electric cars . The automaker is launching its own electric models in view of the growing demand for electric vehicles. Mumbai-based start-up Strom Motors has unveiled its first entry-level e-car, the Strom R3. The company is calling it the world's first cheapest electric hail.

The company has started taking bookings for the Strom R3. Bookings for Storm R3 can be made with a token of Rs 10,000. Strom Motors introduced its electric car Strom R3 in the year 2018.

According to the company, the two-seater electric car has been booked for delivery this year and has started delivery from 2022. According to reports, the company has so far booked about 165 units of the car worth Rs 7.5 crore. This statistic has been achieved in just 4 days.

The Strom R3 is an electric car with three wheels and two doors. The car has two wheels at the front and one wheel at the rear. It uses a reverse trike configuration. This electric car is specially designed and developed for urban areas like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. The car has been given an attractive design. It has a muscular front bumper, LED lights, rear spoiler, sunroof, dual tone color with a white roof.

The Strom R3 car comes with an electric motor and a lithium ion battery pack that generates 20 bhp of power and 90 Nm of torque. It has a regressive braking system and 3 driving modes - Eco, Normal and Sports. The company claims that the top speed of this EV is 80 km per hour. The car battery takes 3 hours to fully charge.

The company also claims that this entry level car has a range of 200 km on a single full charge. The car will be launched in three variants. Depending on the variants, it will have a driving range of 120 km, 160 km and 200 km. The company says the car is specifically designed for people who travel 10 to 20 km daily within the city. The cost of operating this car is about 40 paise per km. According to the company, the driver of this car will be able to save Rs 3 lakh in 3 years.

This compact EV is equipped with features like 12th adjustable driver seat, 4.3 inch digital instrument console, climate control, remote keyless entry. The car also comes with an IoT-enabled continuous monitoring system and a 7-inch vertical touchscreen infotainment system with 4G connectivity, voice control, gesture control, 20GB of onboard music storage and turn-by-turn navigation.

The Strom R3 electric car has seating for two people. It is expected to be presented with two captain seats or one singh bench seat for three people. It is usually a small e-car. Its length is 2907 mm, width is 1405 mm and height is 1572 mm. The ground clearance of this car is 185 mm. The weight of this electric is 550 km. It has 13 inch steel wheels with 155/80 section tires.

Storm Motors claims that this electric car is designed for 400 liters of luggage space. There is space for 300 liters in the back of the car and 100 liters in the front. It has two hydraulic disc brakes at the front and a drum back at the rear. The company is offering a warranty of 3 years / one lakh kilometers with this entry level EV.

The Strom R3 car will be introduced in three variants. The starting price of this electric car is Rs 4.5 lakh. The company has initially started booking this car only in Delhi and Mumbai. Its booking in other cities will start soon. This EV is presented with 4 color schemes. These include Electric Blue, Neon Blue, Red and Black.

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