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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Tesla's vehicles banned by Chinese military, you will be surprised know the reason

China is the world's largest market for electric vehicles. 
Tesla is also included in this list. But the Chinese military has raised questions about Tesla's vehicles. The Chinese military has completely banned Tesla vehicles in its compound and complex. According to the Bloomberg report, it is being said that questions are being raised about the privacy of Tesla vehicles.

It has been told in the report that the Chinese military suspects that Tesla cars are collecting data from the camera in the car. And this data is not under the control of the Chinese government. In such a situation, this case can prove to be risky for the military. Now the military housing complex has been informed that anyone will keep their Tesla EV out of the military because these are all the Confidential information which can prove to be dangerous for anyone.

Tesla vehicles are equipped with many cameras, which help the car owner in guide parking, autopilot and self-driving functioning. Many of Tesla's vehicles also have a Sentry Mode. That is, such functions are given to all the Tesla vehicles sold worldwide.

However, the Model 3 is considered to be the most famous version of Tesla. It is considered to be the most economical vehicle from the company. Ever since the local manufacturing of this vehicle started in Shanghai, its sales became stronger. But now after the Chinese military dispute, it is coming out that the internal cameras of Tesla can access the intelligence, in such a situation, on this dispute, the company says that these car cams do not work in Tesla vehicles.

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