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Thursday, March 25, 2021

If you also drink tea at this time, then be cautious, it may harm your health

In most households in India, the day starts with tea and ends at evening tea. 
Whether a guest comes to the house or is a family gathering or a party with friends, people keep searching for an opportunity to drink tea. You must have often heard people discouraging the advantages and disadvantages of tea. Now healthy options of tea have also come in the market. Tea contains antioxidants. It is very beneficial for health, but you should not drink it at the wrong time.

Bed tea is not good for health In
most Indian families, the morning of people starts with the sound of ginger milling. Some people drink tea as soon as they get up. But according to experts, bed tea is very harmful for health. It is not good to wake up in the morning and drink tea first. Tea on an empty stomach damages your health.

These problems
can be caused by empty stomach tea. Drinking tea without eating it can damage your body's acid and alkaline balance, which causes your metabolic system to deteriorate. Tea is diuretic and works to remove water from your body. When you wake up, due to not drinking water overnight, the body remains dehydrated. In such a situation, drinking tea can increase the problem. The problem of flatulence also occurs due to the consumption of tea on empty stomach. Because milk contains lactose and if lactose reaches the stomach empty stomach overnight, there can be constipation and gas problems.

Can cause side effects.
If you are not able to get out of bed without tea, then it can have many disadvantages. First of all, get up and drink water. You can also drink lukewarm water. Get up and drink water and eat a fruit. You can also drink tea later. You may have problems in the beginning, but it is not difficult to change this habit.

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