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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Food made in a pressure cooker healthy or unhealthy? Know the fact

Whether at the office or at home, everyone wants to get their work done quickly in a busy schedule. 
Women also want to get kitchen work done quickly, which is also one of the reasons why women work. So every work is done in a hurry. Now take the kitchen chores. Such utensils are being used for cooking, in which they are prepared quickly and easily. Pressure cookers are used to make lentils and vegetables, but do you know if the food made in a pressure cooker is healthy food, let's talk about it in detail today.

How to make food in a pressure cooker?

It is a method of cooking in which food is cooked by steam, which is sealed inside the cooker. When the water inside the cooker is heated on the gas, its pressure increases and the food is cooked by steam and it does not take much time to cook and the gas is also saved.

How healthy is the food made in the pressure cooker?

Some people believe that food in a cooker is unhealthy because the food in it is heated to very high temperatures and the nutrients present in the food are destroyed, while others believe that this method of cooking is healthier because it contains very little food. . It is exposed to heat for a period of time and therefore the nutrients present in the food remain the same.

Healthy option

If we compare boiled meals, steam cooking is a much healthier option. According to experts, the nutrients in vegetables remain the same. When vegetables are overheated if they are cooked in any other way, the nutrients in the vegetables are lost.

The pressure cooker works differently to make each meal. For example, rice cooked in a cooker is heavier than rice cooked in an open vessel while tomatoes cooked in a pressure cooker are healthier. Speaking of chicken or mutton, meat cooked in a cooker is easier to digest than an open pot.

There is also a risk of serious diseases

When starchy foods such as rice, potatoes, pasta and barley are cooked in a pressure cooker, it produces a harmful chemical called acrylamide, which when consumed regularly can cause many diseases such as cancer, impotence and neurological disorders.

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