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Monday, March 29, 2021

Do You Believe In Hate At First Sight? If Yes, Then You Need To Change Yourself

There are times when we start hating someone without even knowing them, is it right?

We have hated people without any reason, and that is really wrong of us to do. We judge people without even knowing them, and that is something you would hate if someone else does with you. Yes, if we do know something about a particular person then it is right but hating a random person who is a total stranger is wrong. The person has not even talked to you, you know nothing about his life but as you are judgmental so you have come up with some of the bad qualities of him from his physical appearance only.

Well, this is one of the wrong ways to judge someone and we should really think about it before passing the comment. Some of the people even reply to a random person rudely when they ask about something normal as his/her physical appearance is not up to their mark. The moment you make an assumption about the different people on the streets, or anywhere; you need to stop and reanalyse things. Have a neutral behaviour with them until you find out that the person is not good. Don’t be so much judgmental that you start having thoughts about their derogatory behaviour even when you know nothing about them.

We all are a little judgmental in this manner, we have always been and we should really ditch this behaviour of ours. We should judge people but only when they are worth judging and we know the story of them very well. Hating them just because of their looks is wrong, and if we want betterment of the society then we have to be less judgmental and more appreciative. Let us know in the comments section below about the impact of the judgmental behaviour in your life.

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