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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Do These Surefire Remedies On Sunday, Luck Will Shine, Mother Lakshmi Will Make You Rich

Raviwar Ke Upay: Today Is The Third Sunday Of March In The Year 2021. Sunday Is Considered To Be The Day Of The Sun God (Surya Bhagwan)  . By Taking Sunday Measures, You Get Happiness, Prosperity, Honor, Status, Prestige, Government Job. Those Who Want To Get A Government Job Must Take The Sunday Measures Of Surya Dev .

There Is Nothing To Be Upset if  Your Work Also Gets Spoiled. According To The Experts Of The Scriptures, This Is Due To The Weakening Of The Sun. In Such A Situation, You Need To Strengthen Your Sun. 

It Is Believed That The Person Who Gives Arghya To Sun God Every Morning, He Never Lacks Anything. If It Is Not Possible For You To Do This Every Day, Then Do These Things On Sunday Morning. Put Rice, Red Colored Flowers And A Few Grains Of Red Chilli In A Copper Lotte And Pray To Surya Dev   Offering Water.

They Should See The Rising Sun Every Day And Offer Water To Them Saying 'Om Ghurya Surya Namah'  . By Doing This, You Will Get The Blessings Of The Sun God And You Will Not Get The Fruits Of The Work Done Or Will End The Inadvertence. At The Same Time A New Energy Will Flow In You And You Will Start Moving On The Path Of Success.

Chant This Mantra While Offering Water To Surya Dev Mantra  (Offering Water)

ॐ Surya Namah:

Om Hr Hrim Surya Namah

Oom Ghriti: Suryadityaam

Oom Ghriti: Surya Aditya Shree

Unhhhhhhhhhhhhrahnah: Surya: Namah

Do This Work On   Sunday  Raviwar Ke Upay ) 

Donate Copper Utensils, Red Cloth, Wheat, Jaggery And Red Sandalwood According To Strength

Never Offer Water Without Bath To Surya Dev

To Offer Water To Surya Dev, You Can Add Roli Or Red Sandalwood And Red Flowers To The Water.

Steel, Silver, While  Offering Arghya To Surya Dev 

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