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Friday, March 26, 2021

Chanakya Niti: These three people can make your life hell, it is important to have balanced behavior

The words of Acharya Chanakya have always been the right guide to life. 
Acharya Chanakya has told the different perceptions regarding life or what is right and what is wrong to live life in a good way.

For years, we and you have been listening to Chanakya's words, but have not been able to apply them in my life or say we do not want to. In many situations we keep observing them ourselves and we know whether it is really right or wrong.

Many times we prove to be bad in front of people because of our behavior. Today we take you to another thing said by Acharya Chanakya, in which he has told that every person should maintain a balanced behavior with women, friends and servants. If you do not take care of these things then you will be hurt every time in your life. Acharya Chanakya has told this through verse.

Acharya Chanakya says in this verse that-

Wicked barya shantha friends
Sasarpeh gruh vaso matrivarev na sambhaya:.

In this verse, Acharya Chanakya says that no one can avoid death in such a situation if there is an abode of evil wife, sly friend, blatant servants and snake in the house.

In relation to a woman, Chanakya says that a woman who speaks harshly makes that house a hell, and people who keep their behavior with their friend very cleverly, such people are always in doubt and speak their heart to anyone Can not do it.

At the same time, in relation to the servants, Acharya Chanakya says that if the servant of your household is blunt, then the confidence of the owner starts to waver, which also affects the owner's money. Chanakya says about these three people that if there is presence of these three in your life, then it would not do anything other than harm to a person.

So stay away from such people as much as possible. Their proximity is considered to be similar to that of a snake's house. Due to their living, the person will suffer like death, so keep your behavior balanced with such people. If for any reason, the balance with them deteriorates, then do not delay in removing them.

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