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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Beware: Green tea can be dangerous for your health, it has a bad effect on the heart

Health Care Tips: Many people drink green tea. 
Green tea is believed to be very beneficial for the digestive system. But do you know that green tea can be very harmful for your health. People usually forget that nothing is very good. If you drink too much green tea, then you need to be careful.

Along with the benefits of drinking green tea, there are many disadvantages as well. Let us tell you that 227 grams of tea of ​​green tea contains caffeine in the range of 24 to 45 mg. If you take more amount of green tea, then it has a direct effect on your heartbeat. Drinking more green tea can make your stomach worse. Tannins are present in green tea, due to which acid starts to build up in your stomach.

Those who are troubled by the problem of acidity, they need to take special precaution before drinking green tea. Pregnant women usually refuse to drink green tea. The major reason for this is caffeine. Drinking large amounts of green tea is a risk of miscarriage. The complaint of joint pain increases in winter. In such a situation, if you drink green tea, then it will harm you rather than rest.

If you are troubled by anemia and anemia problem. So you can take green tea in between while eating food. Those who have problems with cataract should not forget to consume green tea. This puts pressure on their eyes. Many research has revealed that its disadvantage is that you can lose your eyesight.

In addition, it is dangerous to drink large amounts of green tea for patients with type 2 diabetes. If you drink green tea then you do not need to take any medicine. It can also show the reverse effect instead of benefiting. 

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