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Monday, March 22, 2021

After all, why you should not use a cheap 5G phone, these 5 reasons tell everything

5G service has become such an important feature for a smartphone, due to which smartphone companies are selling many phones in the year 2021. 
In such a situation, now more and more people want to use this technology. Till now we have seen smartphones at affordable prices through many companies. MediaTek and Qualcomm are making 5G chips at a very low cost. The 5G smartphones that have been launched in India include Realme Narjo 30 Pro, Realme X7 and Mi 10i.

But do you know that 5G phone has not come in India so far, without technology, should you buy this phone? Today we have brought 5 such reasons in front of you, in which we will try to tell you why you should not take a cheap 5G phone.

There is no 5G service in India

Reliance Jio, Airtel have announced that the company can launch 5G service by mid-2021. However, there is currently no 5G support in India. The mobile networks currently available in India use 800, 900, 1800, 2300 and 2700MHz spectrum. These smartphones are best for 4G networks but have not yet been auctioned for 5G frequency. In this case, how long will this service be implemented in India, it is not currently known.

It will take time for 5G rollout in India

In the last 2 years, not much work has been done on 5G. In such a situation, we may have to wait more for this network. If you remember the 4G launch, then tell you that during that time this network was initially available only in some states and it took a long time to launch in other areas. In some villages, there is still no 4G coverage. 5G is a completely new technology and it will take more time to establish its roots in the country. If you buy a 5G smartphone now, then it will be of no use to you for the next two or three years.

5G will be out of pocket for budget users

Customers who are buying cheap 5G phones should also need 5G technology. However, it will take time to launch 5G in India. In such a situation, if 5G also comes with time, its plans will be very expensive. In future, when people start gradually using 5G, then in the coming time it may reduce its price.

After 5G, other specs of the phone can be reduced

If any company gives 5G in its phone, then it will use a processor with less power. In such a situation, customers will get low quality camera sensor and small battery. In such a situation, if you are behind 5G phone then you should choose 4G phone so that you have a tremendous phone in terms of specs and in the case of 5G, you will not get any less feature phone.

By the time the network arrives, your phone will be outdated.

If you buy a 5G phone with cheaper price, then after a time it will become very old and then its features will also be outdated. Because technology is being upgraded every new day. In such a situation, if you want to use the 5G phone in the best way, then you should buy a 5G phone in the next 2 to three years. So that you have a high end phone while using this network.

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