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Monday, March 22, 2021

Do You Know: Why is the shaving of children done, what are its benefits…!

We all must have seen in our homes that the child is shaved after a few months or a few years after its birth. 
This practice has been going on for a long time. Actually, the Mundan Sanskar is considered to be one of the sixteen samskaras told in Hinduism. It is believed that by shaving, the child is freed from the impurities found at birth, as well as his brain works very fast. Know here the reason for shaving and its benefits.

1. It is believed that when the baby is in the mother's womb, a lot of harmful bacteria enter its head and hair which do not get out easily. Since the baby's head is raw at birth, its hair cannot be removed at that time. Around the age of one year, his head is fixed. That is why, after one year of age or after the child is shaved, his impurities are removed.

2. It is also believed that the head temperature of the child is controlled by shaving. He gets vitamin D directly. In this case, his brain works very fast. Brain is also well developed. This is the reason that in ancient times, when the children were sent to be educated in the Gurukul, their hair was removed.

3. If you ask any member of your household why the shaving is done, then most of the answers will be received, after this the hair comes well. This is also true to a great extent because the hair that a child gets with birth is very weak and light. After shaving, the growth of hair is better and strong hair comes out. This is the reason why some people get their hair shaved many times to improve hair growth.

4. By shaving, the child is also protected from itching, boils and pimples in the head. In many places, during the shaving, a peak is left on the crest in the middle of the head, in fact it is the place that the mind works to control the brain.

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