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Friday, February 26, 2021

Xi Mingze is the daughter of the world's most powerful man Xi Jinping, know what she does now

China is the world's largest economic superpower and has been in the hands of President Xi Jinping since 2012. 
Jinping is currently one of the most powerful people in the world. Now as long as he is alive, he will be the ruler of China. Jinping is also the emperor of China's military and ruling communist party for the last 9 years.

Jinping has kept his personal life very safe. Even after such a secret, many types of news are often about his daughter Xi Mingje. Once news of Jinping's marriage of Ladli came. Jinping has kept Mingje away from every limelight.

So kindly Jinping on Howard

First doctor Mingje of China came into the discussion for the first time in 2012 when a news was published in American media. American media had written about Mingje that she is quietly pursuing education at Howard University. Mingje was first seen in public in 2015.

Mingje is so far from the media that even a few years ago, he used to see only one or two photographs on the Internet. Mingje graduated from Howard in Psychology and English. It is because of his daughter Mingje that Jinping often favors Howard University in the United States.

Mingje's low profile life

Xi Mingje was born on 27 June 1992 in Beijing. Mingje is the second wife of Jinping and the daughter of Feng artist Peng Liyuan of China. From 2006 to 2008, Mingje did his studies from Hangzhou Foreign School in China. After this, he took admission in Zhejiang University of China.

Mingje reached Harvard in the year 2010 and completed her graduation here. Apart from Chinese, he also has a good knowledge of French and English. Fashion icon and social worker Mingje has always lived a low profile life in the university.

Aspire to write a book on father

Mingje returned to China in 2014 and has been in China since then. Mingje was first seen in public in 2015. When the earthquake in Sichuan province in 2008, Mingje worked as a volunteer.

Mingje is often associated with social work. Like mother Peng, Mingje also believes in fashion. Mingje is very fond of reading and wants to write a book on her father.

Questions raised about studying in Howard

In the year 2012, when Jinping was made general secretary of the Communist Party, many things happened about Mingje. It was said that Mingje is studying in the prestigious Ivy School of America and Howard University. With this, Mingje, who was hiding his studies, made his life public.

The eyes of many international media organizations started coming to him. She is also described as the new princess of China. Questions also arose on Mingje's school education. It is said that his father has declared an annual income of $ 13,000. After this, how can Mingje study in such an expensive educational institution.

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